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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir sessions are a fantastic way for you to create some sexy, romantic images to share with someone special to take your partner’s breath away or just to keep for yourself. Some brides are choosing to create a little black book of their images for their groom. This gift is always very well received by their husbands-to-be with many choosing to deliver the gift in person at the beginning of the honeymoon. Of course it would also make a great anniversary gift!

Boudoir photography can be more than just lingerie – old fashioned pin-ups, art nude and swimsuit shoots provide alternatives. Poses and props are used to ensure that every woman feels and looks wonderful. We do a lot of laughing, it’s a lot of fun that is very liberating.

How it Works!

Make a booking and at this time we decide if you would like to use your own home, my studio or a private beach or be part of a boudoir marathon at a local B & B. Before the day, choose your outfits. They needn’t be expensive and remember less is more, even a white button down shirt and cute knickers can look great. It is a great excuse to get a new bra and knickers.

Hair and make up is included so all you need to do is bring your lingerie of choice and arrive with clean hair. Hair colour touch up before the shoot helps as it can’t be photoshopped effectively, also attention to nails is a good idea. Waxing a few days before is also a good idea. Shaping eyebrows can be included if you wish, simply ask when booking as it takes a little extra time. False eyelash application can also be included, if you have some bring them along. Avoid home tanning as tan lines and fake tan can look bad in photos however if you usually get a spray tan it can work well if you get the spray done a few days before the session.


So you’ve decided you would really like to have a boudoir photoshoot but maybe you’re a little nervous about it. Maybe you think, I am not sure how to pose, I don’t take good photos, I’m nervous having my photo taken, my stretch marks will show….Stop! Leave the worrying to your photographer. It’s our job to make you look your very best and we know how to help you to get the best from the session. We will coach you through the entire session and your job is just to have fun and relax. At Newcastle Photography, the boudoir photography process is definitely not one size fits all, you will not be just another client rushed through. Each image you walk away with is a reflection of our studio and our art.

Wardrobe Ideas

What a great excuse to go shopping for stunning lingerie that you will look amazing wearing! High heels are a definite, stockings and chunky jewellery looks great in images. Some other ideas you might not have thought of are below.

  • White cotton singlet tops and pants
  • Sheer clothing
  • Short Shorts
  • Long socks
  • Super cute knickers
  • Silky robe
  • Babydoll lingerie if you would like a bit more coverage around the midriff
  • Tank top and knickers
  • Negligee or slip nightie

Get in touch with us at Newcastle Photography for more information.

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