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Family Portraits

Family Portraiture

Today the value of Portraiture as an important part of a family’s home’s decor is well recognised. The care and attention to colour, co-ordination of clothing through to the correct framing of your Family Portraits is selected with the assistance of the staff at Newcastle Photography.

Importantly, a great portrait comes from planning and should be given similar consideration as the purchase of any other major furnishings or artwork in your home. From the traditional and classic to the modern and contemporary looks of Black and White, Newcastle Photography’s images are more than just family portraits. They are indeed a valued art form and will, without doubt, become a possession to be cherished by your family (and future generations) for many years to come!

The immense value of photography, however, goes beyond just creating memories and decorating your home. In recent time psychologists have recognised the importance of displaying a family’s togetherness. For children, in particular, the benefits of being constantly reminded of the family unit, the love shared and importantly the feeling of “belonging” has a significant impact on emotional stability. Even an individual portrait of a child prominently displayed in the home is invaluable as a foundation and constantly assists in strengthening the feeling of security and being loved.


At Newcastle Photography, we offer many fun ways of capturing the special togetherness and precious moments for your family. The family photoshoot can conducted be in the controlled environment of the Newcastle Photography Studio, in a park, at the beach or at any other outdoor location. You can arrange for Geoff to photograph your family in the surroundings of your own home or a place that is special to you.

Contact Geoff for pricing and more information on family portraits.

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